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International Community of Online Schools

The global voice of online schools

The initiative for ICONS was taken in March 2023 by d-teach online school, the first online school in Belgium, which has been specializing in online education for expat families for more than 10 years.

The initiative grew within the accelerator process of the digital education hub of the European Commission, a key instrument in the implementation of the Digital Education Action Plan.

The need for online education is growing worldwide and its added value for all students, including those with special needs, is increasingly recognized. We strongly believe in the inspirational power of bringing together online and traditional schools.

ICONS has the ambition to become the global voice of online schools, offering a vibrant and truly international network to engage with policy-makers, academia, edtech companies, and of course, students and parents.

Our mission


Building a virtual international community of online schools, dedicated and willing to contribute to realise the SDG4 goal of ensuring inclusive and equitable education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.


Advocacy: supporting online schools at K-12 level in their efforts to be officially recognised by the government as fully-fledged education actors (level playing field); spreading the message about the complementary added value of online and hybrid education compared to traditional face-to-face education.

Inspiration: encouraging mutual exchange of information and relevant good practices to gain new insights and improve processes (e.g. online teacher training, quality assurance in online education, IT platforms, etc.).

Joint applications for international funding: creating a permanent pool of like-minded partners who can form a consortium to attract projects from different sources (Erasmus+, Horizon Europe, UN, World Bank, UNESCO, etc.).

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